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Wrath and Cartoon Slimer by Wrathofautumn
Wrath and Cartoon Slimer
So came back from the new Ghostbusters Movie. This is a pic I wanted to do for a long time but never thought of doing before for some reason. So here we are, me dressed up as a Ghostbuster and Slimer hovering above. Good ol' adorable Slimer...well, I thought he was cute at least. I want a plushie of him for sure.

I guess this ecto cooler will have to do. :D Here's to Slimer!

So here're my thoughts on the movie: Oh, the bilefest(or slimefest, more appropriately) ensues. If you're a hater, you're a sexist, but if you loved it, then you're not a true ghostbuster fan. Oooooh, feed me your hatred as I give you my opinion on the film. My Red Lantern ring feeds on your rage!

...Anyway, I'll be gentle about this. This movie was made with good intentions despite the controversial decisions behind its production and writing. It had a lot of awful moments, a lot of meh moments, and a lot of moments that had me laughing hysterically. For a movie that has been outright crucified before it even commited any was actually all right.

I'll say it's worth seeing to get your own viewpoint. Seriously, I would have you see it to get your own opinion. Don't take my word for it. You should really have the right to formulate what you think about it instead of listening to what other people say about it.

I went to see it for the same reasons I watch Roadhouse or Troll 2 or The Room--because I heard it was so bad it was probably not going to be in theatres for much longer and I wanted to experience the trainwreck while I still could on the big screen. And I even got to drink ecto cooler during the movie.

I'm likely going to watch the first two ghostbuster movies again. Probably going to watch the the game...I am also probably going to draw Slimer...the cartoon incarnation because Slimer is adorable and I don't care what anyone says.

So there you have it internet. There's my thoughts. Now I gotta prep myself for some serious ghost-catching. Got a class 4 vapor wandering about my house.
Werezinogre TF by Wrathofautumn
Werezinogre TF
A Moga Fisherman winds up fishing as far inland as the Misty Peaks. Unfortunately for him, a Zinogre with the Frenzy Virus attacks him, leaving a nasty wound in his gut. The fisherman gets infected by the virus really fast, but something unexptected happens as the virus begins to have and adverse effect on him as his skin rips out revealing electrofur and scales underneath!

As Requested by Throne Zwei a long time ago. Sorry it took forever! >.< Anyway, that's another thing off the list now.
Doctor Elvira Blight by Wrathofautumn
Doctor Elvira Blight
So I'm going to be part of a campaign really soon run by a friend of mine. He's running it in the scenario of Innistrad, which is apparently a world in Magic the Gathering. Since I can't be a werewolf and most of the cool roles have been taken, I had to get really creative with my character so I came up with this one. A Poisoner Alchemist by the name of Doctor Elvira Blight...and she's an old woman, because there's not enough old women in fantasy RPGs.

Dr. Blight is a licensed doctor with insidious methods. She's a graverobber who steals corpses to concoct poisons and bioweapons to sell to her clients. Born in Nephalia, she has seen enough corruption and suffering in the world to have few moral qualms and no illusions with the goodness and charity of the world around her. She looks at people and sees nothing good in them. If she had enough money, she would buy a place where she could live her life in solitude. A redeeming quality to her is that she will not do business with Necromancers as their practices rub her the wrong they are competition.
Eagle Scout TF by Wrathofautumn
Eagle Scout TF
Woo! This kid made it all the way to eagle. If only he knew about the ceremony being held in the Forest of No Return. Now he'll be joining up with the other scouts who managed to make it there. But least he can fly!

So after a long long time, I give you a sequel to the the original Cub Scouts TF as seen here:

There's still like one more I can do, but I'll need to be clever about it due to scouts group being even younger than the cub scouts. Anyway, if there's any other kinds of scouts you guys can think of me doing, leave a comment or just say how awesome I am. Either way, keep it furry, peeps!
Squirrel TF Teaser by Wrathofautumn
Squirrel TF Teaser
So this is going to be a full-on comic about two or three pages. I don't have the time to finish it all right now. If you want more details, the way I have it in my head is that this nameless adventurer is tasked with reaching a princess but she is at the top of this tall tree, and the only way he could do so is by helping out this one witch who promised to make him something that would get him to the top. So after a chain of transactions, she makes him a batch of nut brittle which she says will give him the prowess he needs to reach the top of his "sweetheart". So then he eats the nut brittle which is where the changes ensue.

it would be temporary at best as these things usually go, though it'd be hilarious if something awkward occurred when he reached the top. What happens? You'll just have to wait to find out.

It needs a punny name though. Anyone know any good squirrel puns for a fantasy adventure like this? If you have any ideas for punny names, leave it in the artist comments below.


Werefox in Disguise(Grrrrr)
United States
Current Residence: Utah
Favourite genre of music: Anything that has nothing with lyrics(Jazz, techno, etc....)
Favourite style of art: Realistic style
Operating System: Windows 98
Shell of choice: Shotgun shell.
Wallpaper of choice: Starfox Adventures!
Skin of choice: Fox fur! w00t!
Favourite cartoon character: Fox McCloud
Personal Quote: "I'm just ridin' the Wave, BABEH!"
Well, Furaffinity is down, for some reason. I'll update my status there later.

I need to let everyone know, right now, though. My PC is dead or mostly dead. I'm debating now what to do with her, whether to try and see if there's anything left I can put to good use or just pull the plug and put her out of her misery. I could sell her for parts or sell her to someone who could probably repair her better than I did.

I'd be a lot more upset if I didn't see this coming for a long time. Philberta III hasn't got viruses or taken physical damage--she's just gotten old. Most computers last five years at most and Philberta has had about five and a half years. It's upsetting but I accept that this was inevitable. Now I need to figure out how I'm going to get back to work on my commission stuff without an photoshop program and pretty much no scanner.

I was able to find my old, broken laptop and get it to work. The screen is still broken and it functions with the speed of Flash the Sloth from Zootopia and it's driving me crazy...but it's the best thing I have going for me right now. At least I have internet again and I can freely communicate with my online clients. I'm not going to count on this to save me forever, though. Much like my Desktop, this laptop is old--it just hasn't seen as much use as her, and so has far less wear and tear.

What this basically means for my DA/FA Watchers, though, is that all Digital/Lineart Commissioned are hereby postponed until I can work out a means to efficiently find a way to photoshop and edit sketchwork. Sketches are still possible for the most part, and writing will be no problem. I am still able to do commission work and I'm not completely out of the race. I just need to tell you all that life's gotten a bit more complicated and I have no money to replace the PC.

Peace Out and Keep it Furry!

  • Listening to: Amanamanaguchi
  • Reading: Les Miserables
  • Watching: Star Trek
  • Playing: Starfox Zero
  • Eating: Hot Dog
  • Drinking: Monster Energy Drink

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